Diamond Dogs Rules and Guidelines

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Diamond Dogs Rules and Guidelines

Post by Smugleaf on Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:18 pm

The rules here are quite simple and should be easy to follow, as well as obvious. They're nothing new that you wouldn't see on any other sites, and you should be following them for the most part even without being told about these rules. So, here are the rules:

General Rules

- Do not flame or insult other members.
- Do not derail a thread's topic.
- Do not bump threads.
- Do not post consecutively (if you need to change your reply for any reason, such as fixing an error or if you wish to reply to another person, use the edit button)
- Do not spam (create posts that adds nothing to the thread and forum).
- Post in the correct forum; repetitive posting in the incorrect forum may result in a ban.
- Report spam bots and just ignore them. Please do not reply to them.
- Try to keep language clean and do not be a prick (swearing is allowed for now, but that is subject to change and still does not give you the right to excessively swear).
- Do note that while language is currently allowed, using derogatory terms and racist language will not be tolerated.
- No trolling (deliberately attempting to provoke other users, but this does not mean that whoever disagrees with you can call you a troll).
- Do not post porn, inappropriate, or offensive content
- Do not openly argue against a moderator; any possible abuses should be sent to me, the admin.

Please note that moderators and the administrator reserve the right to moderate if they feel that the content posted is inappropriate, abusive, or off-topic. As stated before, contest the moderation to the admin if you believe that you were unfairly moderated. Also, do keep in mind that the rules are subject to change if I, the administrator, believe that they need to be changed. If they do get changed, then there should be an announcement if it is a significant change.

Ingame Rules

- Do not scam.
- Do not attempt to take someone's account in any way unless the person actually wanted to give you their account willingly.
- Do not try to spam another person with private messages.
- Optionally, including "DD |" except without the quotes in your nickname would be a good way to advertise Diamond Dogs without annoying others. But as I've said before, this is optional.

Anyone who is found guilty of breaking these rules will be kicked out of Diamond Dogs. As such, this thread will be the thread for reports; even guests should be allowed to create posts within this forum, so making an account is not necessary. Of course, I must need solid and concrete proof. I'd also recommend sending proof to the UnovaRPG staff, since they will obviously have more power over people in the game. If you do have proof of people committing abuses, such as asking for your password, then send proof to the UnovaRPG staff. If you have validated your email, which you should have done, then you'll receive emails containing the details of PMs, and that email tells you what to do for any abuses. Just forward the email and you will get results from the UnovaRPG staff, and I know this from personal experience.

Moderation Rules

- Please delete threads and posts if it is absolutely necessary and is a serious problem (i.e. pointless spam, offensive content).
- Posts that are off-topic can and should be moved to the appropriate forum.
- Inform the person who you are moderating why they are being moderated; this can be done either with a PM or a post in the thread.

Any moderator found to be abusing their powers will be demodded and possibly banned depending on how severe the abuse is.

Feel free to post within this thread if you have any questions or concerns.

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