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People usually call me Kira online and you can as well.  I'm pretty new to UnovaRPG, but I've been playing off and on since PokemonIndigo.  I'm 24 years old and studying graphic design and animation. I'm more then a bit of a nerd Razz I'm a fan of anime, cartoons, and such nerdy staples as Star Trek and Doctor Who. I am an avid dog lover, and currently own a 1 year old Rough Collie named Atticus!

I'm also a gamer! I love everything from console to PC and online games! I'm usually very active in my clans and I really enjoy chatting with my Guildmates, so if anyone wants to talk about pretty much anything Razz I'm up for it! Well I suppose that's pretty much it!


Oh! I'm not a guy btw ... everyone seems to make that mistake x.X

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