List of Actual Members and Ranks

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List of Actual Members and Ranks

Post by Smugleaf on Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:32 pm

So, the team system in UnovaRPG is rather inadequate, or maybe I'm just ignorant about it. However, it seems that it can be very easy to get into a team even if there is a password, and leaders don't seem to have the ability to kick members out in the team page in the game. So, for now, I'll make a list of actual members and their ranks. Of course, if the team greatly expands, this becomes much less feasible, but for now, I'll just stick with listing all of the official members who didn't just receive the password from someone who gave it away. If you want to know how to become a member, just follow this thread:

Big Boss (Leader): Smugleaf (This includes my alts, which include Mac User, dark pika, and Reshiram)
The Phantom (Co-leader):
Diamond Member:
Member: Floppingdog, Mudkipz2, JomaGaming, kingsoccer03, gangulyratul, KiraWolf64, Zachery527, ShadySilhouette, Herobrine_, Riyad mahrez, Madhur man, frostieisme, Tobster140

If a username is not on the list, then I either have not updated the list or they are not a real member of Diamond Dogs.

Foxhound to Member are more or less regular ranks. To go up a rank, you need to be an active member and contribute by helping others. I'll be the judge on whether or not people will increase a rank. As of now, I have no plans on giving any rewards for people who join, but I am considering giving away rewards for those who rank up.

Currently, the forums use a reputation system, which may or may not be used to determine how a person will rank up. However, the reputation system will definitely not be a deciding factor, and I am personally wary of it, but I've decided to use it to see how it goes. If I think that there is possible abuse or if it is being used like the Karma system in Reddit, I'll disable it.

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